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POLY naturally stimulates the production of collagen when diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating collagen production and tightening and firming the face.

POLY strength light helps to release ATP into the bloodstream, which in turn will circulate it through the body. ATP is manufactured and stored in the mitochondria, as we age our cells become less able to produce ATP, which diminish production of collagen and elastin leading to aging.

By actively producing ATP the POLY helps to restructure the elastin matrix in the skin, where fine lines and wrinkles penetrate, collectively repairing the skin from the inside out!!

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Gentle Light for Beautiful Skin

The BEAUTY ANGEL ensures an innovative and gentle beauty treatment.

The special light penetrates deep into the skin and increases the body’s own production of collagen. Fine lines are reduced and the skin becomes visibly tauter and smoother. Instead of covering up the visible symptoms, the causes of visible skin ageing are naturally reduced.

Red Light Therapy

As well as producing elastin and collagen, red light therapy with My Lipo Light also increases circulation. It does this by relaxing the blood vessels in the treated areas allowing the blood to flow more easily. This further helps to prevent and get rid of wrinkles as increased circulation encourages the production of new skin cells.


Whether you are a bride looking to lose a few pounds before your big wedding day or a professional athlete looking to recover quickly after a strenuous workouts, FIT Bodywrap can provide the most effective and comfortable infrared bodywrap treatment available

Sunless Tanning

At Solarium, our VersaSpa spray tanning booths combine the science automated of skin care with the most advanced tanning technology and products to rejuvenate the skin for a beautiful tan.

Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning

Expert Spray Tan Services are provided in our Spa where Solarium combines Infinity Sun’s innovative spray technology with luxurious sunless skincare treatments to deliver the most natural, even and long-lasting sunless tanning results.  Basic? No. Totally Luxurious? Yes!

Solarium Sun Tanning

Get immediate results in our powerful tanning beds featuring high speed lamps and high pressure facials. You will love our selection levels, extended tanning surfaces, neck and shoulder tanning from level one turbo, level two extreme and level three, the definition of power!

Solarium Services

Experience the finest in beauty and wellness treatments at Solarium

Only at Solarium Sun Spray Spa can you get Perfect Color, 

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Kansas City’s professional spray tanning experts for the most beautiful color and luxury airbrush spray tan services.