I love the bodywrap system at Solarium!!  I lost more inches with this system than I EVER have before!

I am normally a size 10-12 (eight on very rare occasions)!  Along with a regular exercise routine and somewhat healthy eating (will never give up my wine or french fries) I was able to shrink down to a size 6!  I seriously could not believe it – to be honest I was very skeptical about the whole thing to begin with – I am now a FIRM believer (no pun intended)!!  I also lost almost all the cellulite on my legs and I had the lions share-UGH!!

I had soooo many people comment on how great I looked and how I had shrank down so much – the big questions was always, “what’s your secret”?  Now my secret is out!!  People just could not believe how small I had gotten all over – not just certain areas!!

Also, I was at a friend’s house and she said “wow you don’t have any cellulite on your legs” and I was like “oh yes I do” I stood up to show her and to and to my surprise it was gone – that is when I realized how great this system really is!!

Not only did I lose inches, pounds and gross cellulite, but I also love all the other health benefits of this system!

–W. Morris (5th Grade Teacher)